Nordic championship for samoyeds 2020

Location: Ore fritidsby in Furudal, Sweden.

  • DP10 will be organized Saturday 8/2, Sunday 9/2
    1-dog pulka or 1-dog sledge with weight according to the rules;  §3.8

  • DP20 will be organized Saturday and Sunday 8-9/2
    1-4 dogs pulka or sledge in 2 classes (6 dogs och 4 dogs) with weight according to the rules;  §3.8

  • DP60 will be organized Tuesday and Wednesday 11-12/2, first start at 16 o’clock
    1-4 dogs pulka or sledge max 6 dogs with weight according to the rules;  §3.8


Entry fees in SEK*

DP10 – 330 SEK
DP20 – 630 SEK
DP60 – 730 SEK

Send your entry via mail to: Linda Almquist,

  • For foreign dogs please send a copy of the registration certificate/pedigree to
  • Muscher resident outside Sweden: Membership in a recognised foreign breedclub (similiar as SPHK) in the country where the dog owner is resident.
  • The muschers age shall be at least 16 years old on the races first day, and hold a license or equivalent insurance.


Bank transfer:
IBAN: SE15 9500 0099 6026 0238 3545

Reciever: SPHK:s rasklubb för samojed

Last entry day: 2020-01-18

Use the form “Anmälningsblankett” and leave in the secretariat in 2 copies before the races. The form must be written on the computer.